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Riverdies - show de lançamento CD

Olá amigos queridos, nosso EP de divulgação está chegando da fábrica e marcamos um show especial de lançamento, com direito a sessão de autógrafos pra quem quiser e tudo mais! =)
Estamos vendendo ingressos antecipados a R$12.
E no dia o disco será vendido por R$5.

Além do show e do cd, outra novidade muito legal é que passamos umas 12 horas ontem trabalhando na gravação de nosso primeiro video clipe profissional, pra música I Wonder, que está nesse álbum.
Filmamos no Parque das Ruínas em Santa Tereza, quando estiver pronta a edição nós mostraremos.
Beijão para todos e até o dia 03 –
Fil Buc
Escute 3 músicas do EP no nosso myspace:
Ou com áudio de melhor qualidade no nosso site oficial:
Prévias das 6 músicas em um dos portais que estão vendendo nossos mp3 mundo afora:

Nossa página com a empresa californiana A&R Select, contendo notícias e reviews internacionais sobre o disco:

"Riverdies is one of those rare rock bands to find these days, with musicians who are really dedicated and infatuated for the art they create. The personality and intensity of their compositions and the notable care since the whole composing confections to the final sound production results, indicates that these guys got dexterity and refinement to become memorable." - Eden OliveiraThe band was formed in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro by bassist Gui Farizeli, guitarrist Leo Graterol, guitarrist Fil Buc and the vocalist Alex Melch, who shaped the sonority over their multi-influenced composions. Some time later, the experienced drummer Victor Vön Draxeler has filled in the band's line up. In spite of the band members got their own distinctive musical formations, they got a very strong influence in common by the sound played in Seattle during the early to mid 90’s.The early days of Riverdies were times of a wide creative profusion, because they had for the first time the possibility to work together on the composions that each of them have written before. In 2005, a first virtual single was released containing 3 songs, “These Words”, “Mileage” and “Still Remains”. These songs stood among the most played songs on soundclick.com. with thousands of users. The following years were of intense production pushed by Fil’s home studio mounting, where then the band started to record it’s stuff in an even more serious way.After several years experiencing the independent music scenario, the band wrote a number of songs enough to launch two or more albums. All this repertoire was performed around the stages of the most classic rock clubs in town., such as Ballroom, Garage, Kachanga, Néctar, Festival Sub Alternativo, Lonas Culturais, Rio Rock & Blues Club, Odisséia Theater and others.In 2009, relying on the phonografic producer’s help Eden (VMH Studios), Riverdies launches in the market it’s debut EP “Down Yard”, and more, the band is simultaneously setting up the upcoming first record release with 12 tracks included. Although the EP’s publicity had barely begun, the project had already earned them a couple of invitations to perform live at music festivals in Europe and North America where Riverdies established a loyal number of fans through the internet. The band has indeed everything to become the great Brazil’s representation in the international alternative rock market.About the name of the band:“Well, we’re musicians and being an artist for us is a need, a need of kicking so many emotions out, sound shaped, that’s our therapy, if we are capable to use our voice to spread any important message to someone else’s life, then our mission will be more than accomplished. And the name Riverdies besides the familiar sonority, it reminds also an old indian saying: “When the last river dies, may the man realise he can not drink his money and survive. ””
Press and Reviews
PRESS Music Industry News Network Riverdies Rock Band is Going to Promote their First Album Using New Technologies like SMDBy Lais Maciel To escape from the piracy, the Brazilian rock band Riverdies riverdies.com decided to use the technology to promote their first album. The group wants to launch their songs using paid downloads, ring tones for cell phone and a new technology called SMD.According to the APCM - Association Against Piracy Movies and Music - the Brazilian music market has 48% of piracy, what makes a drop of more than 50% at their invoice. Whereas the profit of the sale of CDs decreased, a lot of artists had to find new ways to divulge their work. The Internet is the alternative that they most use.The Riverdies is going to launch their first album in September, and they are going to use alternative ways to commercialize their sound - 'The market has changed, and we adjusted to this new reality.' - said Eden, the VMH Studio producer. Although the paid downloads that are available at official websites like Amazon.com or Submarino.com.br, the group will promote their songs using ringtones for cell phones at Claro Music Store.To not be restricted just to the Internet, the musicians are going to use the SMD - Semi Metallic Disc, the new bet against the piracy. With 100% of Brazilian technology, the SMD has just some changes at the visual of the common CD, and it can be played at any CD player. The big difference is the price of it production: the fans will buy the album paying just R$5 (around US$2, 50).The Album is going to be launch at September by VMH Records label (North America and Europe) and 'Oxigenio Music' label (South America). The EP was recorded at the VMH Studio with the production of Eden and the members of the Riverdies. Some songs are already available at Amazon.com. To more information, you can visit the Riverdies website: Riverdies.com----------------------------

REVIEW Wildys World CD Review Riverdies – Down Yard 2009, RiverdiesRiverdies is a Rio de Janeiro-based rock band with big dreams, big melodies and a wide variety of musical influences. Together since 2000, Riverdies has built a strong following in their native Brazil and is looking to spread their music beyond its borders. Featuring Alex Melch on vocal and guitar; Fil Buchaul and Leo Graterol on guitar, Gui Farizeli on bass/vox and Victor vonDraxeler on drums, Riverdies rocks with the best of them. Their latest album, Down Yard, just might have what it takes to make some noise in North America and beyond.The slow burn intensity of Pearl Jam crossed with the harder edge of Soundgarden or Alice In Chains is an apt way to describe Riverdies; bringing back the days of Grunge with a melodic vengeance. Down Yard opens with I Wonder, a big angry rocker that only deviates from the Seattle sound by incorporating a classic rock guitar solo. Riverdies steps back a bit further, walking the line between 1980's Pop/Metal and Grunge on Background. Vocalist Alex Melch is an affable and competent front man with an ideal voice for this material, although he never seems to really push the limit vocally. Riverdies slows things down a bit on Morning Dies, something of a melancholy power ballad. The musicianship here is particularly notable with distortion stripped away; the layering of guitars creates a smooth sound with a lot of vitality and movement underneath.Riverdies takes off the gloves with Build A New Life, a big dynamic rocker with guitar work reminiscent of Tommy Shaw & Ted Nugent in their Damn Yankees days. Melch finally makes the leap and goes to the wall on a demanding vocal line that stretches his limits. Fate is a sleepy tune that works well in contrast to Build A New Life. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the multiple guitar parts here, although it does get a little overcrowded at times. Riverdies says goodnight with Cliff, perhaps the most interesting and unusual track on Down Yard. Cliff takes a complex melody and builds it into a shifting musical framework is too involved to be improv but a little too wild to be set in stone. Cliff would allow for a lot of room to play, particularly in a live setting.Down Yard is an impressive if somewhat dated offering from Riverdies. The primary style here is the Seattle Grunge sound although it's been tempered by touches of 1980's Rock and lyric, singer-songwriter styles. Riverdies is dynamic and different enough to get attention. Their melancholic presentation usually works in Rock N Roll, and the songwriting is strong enough not to get stuck in a rut thus far. Take a chance and check out Riverdies; they just might surprise you.

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